Review of the book “The Aging Brain” by Timothy R. Jennings, MD

Review of the book “The Aging Brain” by Timothy R. Jennings, MD

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“While growing older is inevitable, many of the troubles we associate with aging–including dementia, disability, and an increased dependence on others–are not. The choices we make now can help us to maintain our vitality, a sharp mind, and our independence as we age.

Filled with simple, everyday actions we can take to avoid disease, promote vitality, and prevent dementia and late onset Alzheimer’s, The Aging Brain is an easy-to-use guide to maintaining brain and body health throughout our lives. Based on solid, up-to-date scientific research, the interventions explained in this book not only prevent progression toward dementia even in those who have already shown mild cognitive impairment, they also reduce disability and depression and keep people living independently longer than those who do not practice these methods.

For anyone hoping to slow the aging process, as well as anyone who acts as a caregiver to someone at risk of or already beginning to suffer from dementia and other age-related diseases, this book offers a hopeful, healthy way forward.”

My Review:

This is quite an interesting book on the subject of aging and your brain. It is packed with scientific research. Dr. Jennings has taken this research and made it both readable and understandable. I especially liked that at the end of each chapter there’s a “Learning Points” summation of that chapter, as well as an “Action Plan: Things to Do” section of practical, attainable steps that can be implemented in our everyday lives. There’s a section on stress management that was very helpful. He also addresses the spiritual aspect of our lives and how that contributes to good brain health. Dr. Jennings’ purpose for writing this book was that we might “….not only live longer but also to live more vibrantly with each passing year”. (Quote from page 19)

I’m glad to have this one on my shelf as a good resource as I age. I’m already putting into practice things I learned from this book.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.


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