Review of “Walk On” by Ben Malcolmson

Review of “Walk On” by Ben Malcolmson


Book description from Amazon:

“In this true, compelling account of perseverance and hope from Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll’s assistant, a young journalist walks on to a top-ranked USC football team and, guided by his faith, shares God’s love, launching him on an unexpected journey with an amazing outcome.”

“Had anyone told Ben Malcolmson that he’d someday be a wide receiver on the national champion USC football team–after not playing football since an unfortunate fifth-grade Pop Warner experience–he would have called them crazy. As a reporter for The Daily Trojan, in the spirit of George Plimpton, he participated in walk-on tryouts for the team and was dumbfounded to find himself listed on the roster. His position on the team never amounted to much in a game-time contribution, but Ben felt strongly that his faith was inextricably linked to his purpose. He felt called to anonymously place Bibles in each USC teammate locker on Christmas Eve–to resounding indifference and rejection from his friends. It wasn’t until three years later, when his role at USC had led to a role with Coach Pete Carroll at the Seahawks organization, that an old friend connected with Ben and told him that one of the Bibles had captivated the heart of a teammate in the three days before his death.
     With a humble spirit dedicated to consistent acts of discipleship, Ben Malcolmson is an authentic voice for the power of simple obedience and trust, for what can happen when a believer allows God to work in a life. Walk On is the result of God using his faithful people to work in the lives of others.”

My Review:

You don’t have to know anything about football to love this story.

“Even when your life reaches its bleakest point and you face seemingly insurmountable circumstances, God has plans for you that you would not believe, even if He told you.” (quote from page 200.)

This book is certainly inspirational.  His account of becoming an “unintentional” walk-on player for the USC football team is entertaining to read.  However, his story of growing in faith and trust in God is the true heart of this book.  He’s honest about his doubts, fears, failures, and successes.  At the end of each chapter, there’s a “Walk On” section that includes scripture verses that focus on the spiritual lesson he learned during a particular time in his life.

He’s completely convinced that God is always working behind the scenes in our lives and especially during the times when we can’t see the next step ahead.  The account of how Mario Danelo came to Christ shortly before his untimely death brought me to tears.  I was encouraged to follow God in all things both large and small and leave the results to Him.

I’d especially recommend this story for a book study with teenagers or young adults who are searching for God’s will in their lives.

There’s no foul language or embarrassing scenes in this book, which makes it great reading for all ages.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.




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